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About Us

Heirfinders Research Associates, LLC is an asset recovery company. We locate lost or abandoned assets and reunite them with their rightful owners.

Heirfinders was started by Michael Haney and June Berman in 2001 after June helped her mother claim an old insurance account. In the 14 years since then that we’ve been in business, Michael has earned his license as a Private Investigator in three different states, and Heirfinders Research has expanded from a small family-run business into an industry leader, helping thousands of clients to recover millions of dollars.

Our clients come from all walks of life.

We’ve helped:

  • Schoolteachers
  • Business CEOs
  • Moms & Dads
  • Retirees
  • Entertainment figures/Celebrities
  • Doctors
  • Astronauts
  • Construction Workers
  • Firefighters

…and many more besides.

At Heirfinders, we’re committed to helping people and companies recover what is rightfully theirs. Along the way we are honored to get to know our clients, and learn about the people and stories behind each claim. It is our privilege to help our clients. We hope that we will have the same opportunity to help you.