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Why us?

Heirfinders Research has been helping individuals and companies claim assets since 2001, which means we have the experience and knowledge to help you! Check out Michael Haney’s Private Investigator Licenses here , read testimonies from past clients here, check us out with the Better Business Bureau or give us a call directly and speak with one of our claim specialists.

What is your fee?

We do not charge anything for our services up front. We receive a contingency fee based on specifics of your claim, which means that we are not paid our fee until you get paid! Call us to talk with one of our Claim Specialists to find out the reasonable fee for your claim.

Where does the money come from?

We help people with bank accounts, stocks, mutual funds, refunds, insurance policies, and more. Each claim is a little different. If you have received a letter from us, most of the time the source of the funds is referenced in the letter. Please call us to talk about the details of your claim.

I received a letter from you. Does this mean there is money waiting for me to claim?

The assets we have contacted you about belong to the owner listed under ‘’Owner’s Name(s)” on the letter. If you are the owner listed, then yes, there are funds for you waiting to be claimed! If the owner is deceased, these assets belong to the owner’s legal heirs. If you are not the owner or owner's heir, you are eligible for a finder's fee if you provide information that helps us claim for the actual owner or heir.

I received a letter from you. What should I do now?

Give us a call at (888)-281-4347 to speak to one of our experienced claims specialists about recovering your assets.

How long does the claims process take?

Each claim is different and, therefore, each timeline is different. Estates, trusts, and stock claims, can take as much as 6 months or more, while smaller claims will take much less time. The best part of partnering with Heirfinders is that we work on your claim for you during this time!