Tuesday, 23 July 2024
Reach across generations.
Your family has a rich heritage. Look deeper to find what is yours.
Your family tree is full of loved ones who worked hard to save treasures meant for you and your children.
Your inheritance is more than money.


If Heirfinders had not contacted us about the funds they found we would never have known about them! The claims specialists were all very professional and extremely knowledgeable of the process and necessary paperwork. Thank you Heirfinders for your excellent service!

Pam N.
Bloomington, MN


Thank you Heirfinders. I had been estranged from my ex-daughter-in-law for 5 years. This transaction brought us back together again.

Joan L.
Youngstown, FL


I was thrilled to be able to collect and was very impressed at the ease of the process and the clear, step-by-step directions provided by your staff.

Donn A.
Sacramento, CA